A cruel, cruel world | Opinion | Inside Housing

23 Nov

A cruel, cruel world | Opinion | Inside Housing.


Earliest Memories c. 1956-1960

2 May

I was born on July 1st 1956, no I can’t remember that but not long after I can, I swear, remember having my nappy changed – how wierd is that? Also I remember being in a pram, a rather deep, pale yellow, boat shaped affair which I doubt was new having already transported my older brother, James, for the previous two and a half years and still did except that he was perched on top, seated on a maroon, leatherette affair, especially designed to obscure out all light and adoring mother’s face from the younger sibling within.

A little later, when able to sit in the pram unaided except for the obligitory leather harness (brown, not yellow to match the pram, nor did it have bells as far as I can remember – or maybe it did – I must ask James!), I would be transported to Elford Heath from our home in Horsley Lane to sit outside a friend’s house (while mum drank tea inside) to get ‘fresh air’. On one occasion I remember seeing vividly, through the window, a silent  scene of soldiers in red uniforms drinking and chatting, there must have been 6-10 of them altogether, some standing by an open fire, but I could hear no noise. Some time in the future   (probably when I could talk!) I asked my mother about this but she could not give me an explaination. I could only sumise that I was possibly ‘seeing’ a scene from past times when the house in question was one of many ale houses which existed in the area. They say that children are ‘nearer to God’ don’t they?  





























Welcome to my new Blog! When I have time I will start to write my life story here – be prepared and if you know me – be afraid :)

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